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The Essentials of Teething

Teething - such a tragedy. You're rolling around, exploring your hands, feet, and the world with your mouth, which is the center of your sensory world ... and wham. Sharp teeth start poking through. It just ain't right. And if adults had "teething", we'd all be popping Percocets. Not a safe choice for the wee babes, however ... so short of major narcotics, what's a parent to do? 

Start with this - Parent Guide: The Essentials of Teething

I am also not a fan of teething gels - taste bad, numb the whole mouth, don't last long enough, and have the potential for allergic reactions. Stick with tylenol or ibuprofen, teething toys, gum massage, and cold rags.

Primary teeth eruption chart (from the ADA):

Primary teeth eruption chart.gif

Permanent teeth eruption chart:

Permanent teeth eruption chart.gif