Feeding and Nutrition Books

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Start here. This book by Dr Rowell ("The Feeding Doctor") applies Ellyn Satter's approach to the gamut of difficulties seen in foster and adoptive families. Well-written, sensitive, with many helpful patient stories from her practice helping adoptive families.

Ellyn Satter is my favorite authority on pediatric feeding issues. All of her books emphasize a healthy division of responsibility: you're responsible for what is served and when you serve it, and your kids decide what and how much they eat.

In general, childrens' bodies know better than we do how much they need to eat for appropriate growth, and this division of responsibilities helps you avoid mealtime battles, and promotes healthy eating choices.

However, while her advice on feeding issues is great, her nutritional advice does leave a bit to be desired for folks making for progressive diet choices (organic, veggie, etc) for their family. This is her most popular, and comprehensive book.

I don't have this yet, but it looks practical, reasonable, and fun. Written by pediatricians.

Great book for adults and adolescents. One of the more solidly research-based books out there on nutrition, although there are a few arguments here that may be a bit ahead of the research. Their website is truly excellent as well.