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Russian for the Adoptive Parent

I'm lucky - I've had some fabulous Russian teachers among the kids at Maria's Children, an arts rehabilitation center for orphans in Moscow. They've taught me all the different ways to say "wicked cool" (klass, kroota, preekolna, voa!), "boogers" (kaizafkee), and "butt" (popa), and delight in getting me to say said words in adult company.

Lacking their expert tutelage, what is the preadoptive parent to do? My personal favorite Russian phrasebook is The Rough Guide to Russian Phrasebook and Dictionary , which is a pocket-sized guide to pronunciation, phrases, and culture. I also whipped up a quick Arts Camp Russian Survival Guide for participants in our Maria's Children summer arts camp for Russian orphans. Beware (ostarozhna) - some of the above slang and more is to be found in this document, but then if you're squeamish about these things - hah! - welcome to parenthood ...

Parents have also liked Adopting from Russia, by Teresa Kelleher, an audio CD and handbook by a Russia adoptive parent. She also has RUSH Into English, a CD for Russian children 4-5 years and up to help them learn English.