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The Life Aquatic

zissou.jpgOur daughter Drew is quite the water baby, so this summer is all about aquatic adventures in the Puget Sound area. Here are some of our faves, but please leave yours in the comments! 

Magnolia "Pop" Mounger Pool

This is a great municipal pool, with really warm toddler pool, and a bigger pool and fun water slide with no height requirement! Get there at the beginning of the session, as there are a lot of popmongers out there on weekends.

Renton Aquatic Center

This is a fabulous town alternative to big water parks, and it's right off of 405, so pretty easy to get to. Wave pool, a lazy river, toddler splash and spray structure, and two most excellent water slides. Get there early, and the later sessions are less crowded. But hardly any lines if you get in!

Greenlake Wading Pool

A Seattle classic. Let us know your other favorite wading pools below.

Wild Waves

Loud, crowded, and not cheap. Look for coupons, the season pass is a good deal for addicts, and lucky Microsoft employees get a major deal with their Prime Card. If you go on off-days, and your children tolerate chaos, there are some excellent rides here. The pirate-themed splash and climb structure is major fun for younger kids. My favorite rides are the Zooma Falls bumper tube experience, and the semi-hidden 2 slides with big drops behind the zipwire. Under new management as of 2007, haven't been there yet, so we'll see how things evolve.

Mountlake Terrace Pool

Our favorite indoor pool - a great choice in the non-summer months. Excellent soft-bottom toddler play area, and a neat little lazy river. And a Jacuzzi!

We also hear Bainbridge has a aquatic center, similar to Mountlake Terrace's, and that there's an excellent Spray Park in Auburn. Where else should we go?